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Live Blogging The Trenta Experience From North Ave at Wells

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At 4:00 A.M. this morning, as the baristas at the biggest 24-Hour Starbucks in Chicago switch shifts, the introduction of the Trenta to the Midwestern coffee menus makes it's debut. Thirsty and curious of how Chicagoans are dealing with this gargantuan caffeine quencher, we're staking out the bar at the end of the barista station.

5:59 P.M. - Okay folks, it's been fun but we're outa here although we really don't have to go - this location (Store 13608) is open 24 hours.

4:42 P.M. -

Sitting at the cafe tables outside on Wells Street we find Tanya and Miyana, a mother and daughter duo relaxing with a Venti Mocha Chip Frappuccino. After we strike up a conversation about the drink, we point out the significance of the Trenta. As Tanya was visiting Miyana who lives in Lincoln Park, she was unaware that today was the day that went down in history as the day the Trenta bomb hit the city. After explaining the Trenta was 31oz (916ml) and the average capacity of an average adult stomach is 900ml Tanya exclaims "Thats too big! We're crazy, things just keep getting bigger! You know I'm completely satisfied with my Venti."

You're right Tanya, it is big - in fact it's only 230 calories big. Just so you know, here's a link to all that you need to know about the Trenta and all the other delights on the Starbucks menu.

3:15 P.M. - Loving that people are calling the Trenta "the Trough".

2:30 P.M. -

The Trenta lids are taking up too much space on the barista preparation station. Barista Joey has moved them to another area so he has more room to prepare drinks - BUT WAIT! the lids won't even fit with the other lids. Joey also notices that the lids are much more clear of a plastic and not as milky as the Venti or dome lids.

1:59 P.M. -

Although we were unable to obtain his name, this guy from Old Town told us he didn't intentionally order the Trenta. The cashier at the time was Katie who's suave sales techniques (we've been watching this rock star all day) talked the man into a Trenta black tea before he knew it. Considering this store's goals are to push the seasonal items; the Iced Coffee and the Iced Caramel Via; up-selling this man's order to a super size is an impressive feat. Katie has been working for The 24-hour Starbucks for nine months.

12:30 P.M. -

A Twitvid from our Twitter: "It happens quickly, but here you can see (in action) the difference between the Grande and the Trenta".

11:36 A.M. -

Pamela who works nearby who invented "The Pamela Special" is happy to now be able to order in larger sizes. With a combo of Green Tea and Passion Tea we don't blame her, it sounds good - that might just be what Britney's next favorite drink will be. Pamela designed the concoction because she doesn't like the sweetener that Starbucks uses in the Green Tea - so now she adds a little Passion.

11:25 A.M. - With the help of some of the customers in the store we've figured the highest price and most delicious option of the Trenta that is available in Chicago right now is the iced Jamaica Blue Clover sweetened with coconut which would total $8.10.

10:39 A.M. - A gentleman just came back to the bar for a refill on his Trenta iced coffee. Apparently he is a regular customer at this 24-hour Starbucks.

10:30 A.M. - Barista Joey takes the reins on the espresso machines temporarily relieving Barista Chandra from her post

9:29 A.M. -

Ethan and his two girlfriends (Armani and Pam) who are inside the Starbucks establishment fetching a straw for his enormous Trenta at the time we took his photo were on their way to acting class at Second City. Ethan feels "$3.83 is a small pice to pay for this much courage".

7:36 A.M. - The five baristas nickname the Trenta "the Trough".

7:25 A.M -

Liz, who's power has been out since yesterday has no power, and needs to start her work day. She came to Starbucks to use the free wireless (and the electricity) and was delighted to order a Trenta. Liz picked up her Passion iced tea from the bar and said the reason she ordered it is because "it's hot, it's big and the Passion is delicious. My sister always orders the Passion".

7:09 A.M. - We ask a girl wearing Lululemon coming from an early workout Equinox what she's going to order. and she says a Venti iced Vanilla Latte. Responding to why she will not be getting the Trenta, she says it's too big and the ice will melt before she has a chance to finish it.

6:51 A.M. - Your loyal Racked reporters order a Trenta iced coffee and take it unsweetened and black.

6:49 A.M. -

Jose from ABM Janitorial Services is the first person to order an unsweetened Trenta iced coffee. He adds a small amount of cream and picks up a Red Eye by Tribune, and tells us he just learned about the Trenta because the barista (who is also his insurance agent) suggested it it to him. He excuses himself and goes back to work inside the Piper's Alley Mall.

4:00 A.M. - The Trenta officially goes on sale at the famed Piper's Alley 24-hour Starbucks at North Avenue at Wells.

Image courtesy of Eater

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