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North Face Still Open During Creepy Remodel

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The highest grossing regional location for North Face is undergoing a major remodel. Located in the commercial portion of the John Hancock Center, the two-floor ten thousand square foot space is being completed in three phases. The ground floor is phase one with new fixturing made of environmentally-friendly materials, a new floor and easier access to the window displays. Phase two is the second floor cash wrap area which will feature an easier navigable floor plan and varied height fixtures because the ceiling is so high. The third and final phase of renovation will include the shoe wall and dressing rooms. Also in the third phase, there will be large LED screens installed in the center of the staircase leading to the second floor.

The North Face is currently in the middle of their Summer Sale with select merchandise 20% - 30% off which will run until July 17th. The date upon which the remodel is to be complete is August 26th.

This remodel comes on the heels of a highly successful grand opening one block south of Columbia Sportswear who also implements the use of re-claimed outdoors-y materials and technology in their scheme. We need not forget that at the opening of Columbia, Mayor Richard Daley showed up along with Lincoln Park High School's marching band. They also turned a portion of the sidewalk into a public park.

There are no other comparable sportswear or outdoors-y companies in the surrounding area except for Vermont-based Burton Snowboards which we hesitate to throw into the same category. The vibe we get from Burton is young and hip, obviously more niche which can only hold competitive ground with North Face and Columbia if there were a new more luxe sportswear company to open around the corner on Rush or even next door to Burton on Walton.
· The North Face [Official Site]

The North Face

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