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Akira's 9th Anniversary Party had Live Farm Animals, Cowgirls, Lifeguards, Togas, Beer Pong & a Sale

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It's one of times that you tell yourself you'll never forget what happened last night. In spell of retail madness, pretty much the entire crew at Akira (and then some) threw down the party gauntlet and raised the bar for in-store events.

Celebrating nine years Akira Men, Akira Women and Akira Shoes had one jam-packed birthday party starting yesterday afternoon and finishing late in the evening. Shoppers showed up for the buy one get one half off sale and a few drinks but what they got was a heck of a lot more than they bargained for.

We rolled up first to Akira Women's where we were greeted by a horse with a fuzzy nose, a lottery game where you could win prized like lip gloss and hoards of shoppers with shopping bags. Inside the store we found the most adorable miniature pig in the arms of a cowgirl, several native americans and several more barely clad attractive cowgirls and cowboys.

Our second stop along the way was Akira Shoes with hunks outside the shop atop a lifeguard tower and babes inside the shop, slurping snow cones and pineapple rum concoctions. This shop seemed to be doing an outstanding amount of sales due to the fact that shoes are such an easy purchase for the buy one get one half off promotion they were doing.

The most rowdy stop though was the mens location which was themed as a frat toga party. In the basement there was a digital photo booth complete with costumes and a beer pong table. Upstairs there was Goose Island girls tapping Green Line kegs, a hot dog man and more lottery games with prizes.

Don't worry if you missed this one, we heard a little about what they're planning for the Akira fall fashion show and we're confident that that will be a major production as well.
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