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BREAKING: Rue La La Launching Locally in Chicago

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Boston-based online flash sale retailer Rue La La has in the past few years become a trusted source of what is in, next and over. With 4 million members from coast to coast, the online shopping site has branched out to city-specific or localized deals. "Rue Local" has local outposts in Seattle, New York, Philly, Boston, and Los Angeles which launched last week.

Racked Chicago has just received a comment from their Boston office which acknowledges the formation of the localized site Rue Chicago. Rue Chicago's local site will compete with Groupon on their home turf and local online startup Left of Trend who is known for showcasing independent and local designers and famed GiltCity who already has a great fan base here.

As most of the details are sketchy at this moment we do know there are people on the ground here in the city doing preliminary work before the launch of the local site. Don't worry, we'll keep you posted.
· Rue La La [Official Site]