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Street Scenes: Lauren at Pitchfork in Union Park

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Lauren's vintage Lollapalooza shirt is from Goodwill.

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Of all the crazy outfits and outlandish facial hair we spotted at Pitchfork, none were as surprising as this concert tee from the first year of Lollapalooza. 25-year-old Lauren would have been only 5 in 1991, and while many parents do bring their children to festivals, very few buy their kids oversized concert tees for "when they grow up." We can't imagine why anyone would throw away a piece of musical history like this, distressed holes or not. Lauren told us she purchased her vintage Lollapalooza tee shirt at a Goodwill in Portland, Oregon for only $1.

With a little bit of patience, laundry detergent, and a laser like eye, you too can head to your local Chicago thrift store to do some concert t-shirt hunting. The big question here is whether or not Portland-based Lauren and her vintage Lollapalooza t-shirt will be making the journey back to Chicago to celebrate the 20th anniversary? - Amy Creyer