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Sculptor Seward Johnson on Capturing Marilyn's Joie de Vivre

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North Michigan Avenue just got a whole lot more racy thanks to the giant peek-toe sandals attached to the giant Marilyn Monroe legs belonging to one Miss Norma Jeane in Pioneer Court at Michigan Ave. After a week of curiosity and speculation while the sculpture was being installed, it was unveiled to kick off the weekend and the verdict is in - it's a hit.

The piece is titled “Forever Marilyn” and was created by well-known sculptor Seward Johnson of New Jersey. In collaboration with The Sculpture Foundation, Zeller Realty Group, owners of Pioneer Court, commissioned the premiere installation of the sculpture for Chicago tourists and residents through spring of 2012.

Marilyn has come to represent a beauty, and sensuality and a time when we, as a nation and a people, were proud, productive, optimistic and self-assured. The sculpture taking residence here reinforces the international image of Michigan Avenue as a renowned shopping and pop cultural district. As Seward Johnson tells us

"I have always felt that Marilyn's white dress with the expanse of pleating was perfect to show her joie de vivre. It practically
floats around her. Of course attempting to get this same freedom in heavy metals is something quite challenging. I had engineers
working with me for many weeks sorting out the weight balance so that her cantilevered skirt did not weigh her down so much that
she fell backwards. We ended up weighting the grate with 20,000 extra lbs of steel to keep her stable. But Marilyn's perfect peek-toe sandals
and her halter-top - they all come together to bring a freshness to her natural sexiness that just works."

· The Sculpture Foundation [Official Site]
· Zeller Realty [Official Site]

Pioneer Court Plaza

401 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611

Pioneer Court

401 N Michigan Ave, Chicago IL