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Lonesome George's Legacy Lives on... in Sunny Miami

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A famous 1950’s television comedian who filmed at NBC in Chicago is now tied to fashion. George Gobel was known on screen as “Lonesome George” and his famous nickname is now the title to an upcoming environmentally friendly Miami-based clothing company. Lonesome George created their company after spotting the last living Pinta Tortoise residing in the Galapagos Islands. The Founders were instantly inspired by extinction and mismanaged resources and they decided to take a stance. They aim to inform and inspire future generations; 10% of each purchase goes directly towards educational programs for today’s youth. Although Gobel was not directly related to the tortoise, his mild-mannered and reserved attitude off-screen is similar to the sea creature’s inconspicuous lifestyle. Thanks to these two uniquely combined coincidences, we now have cute, charitable clothing that represents a Chicago-native well.
· Lonesome George [Official Site]

Lonesome George

950 Brickell Bay Dr, Miami, FL