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Ford Artists by Appointment Makes Looking Great Look Easy

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Surviving the seasonal parties and appearances can get overwhelming as can be trying to get yourself all gussied up for these events which is why Ford has come up with a genius idea for people too busy to get it together and keep it together themselves. The service is called Ford Artists by Appointment.

Officially it launched in the midwest markets earlier this year, offering a myriad of beauty and photo logistic services by Ford Artists. The artists fly nationally to you depending on what your needs are. Services offered include hair, manicures, makeup by pro artists like Johnny Lavoy, Julien Farel and Joanne Gair who style celebs like Demi Moore, Selma Hayek and Kate Moss. You can even hire the photographer of your dreams Pierre Hagopian to shoot your pool party or your niece's bat mitzvah photos.

Oh wait, the service menu doesn't stop there; you can also get a prop stylist, art director and a still life or soft goods stylist. The team behind this service is very business-oriented and we're impressed with the effortlessness they bring to these events, but after all, it is what they do.

Prices range depending on location and service and artist wanted. For a complete list of services and artists check out their artist drop down menu for Chicago. If you're in Milwaukee or Toronto they've got you covered too.
· Ford Artists by Appointment [Official Site]

Ford Artists by Appointment

311 W Superior St, Chicago IL