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Columbia Fashion Studies Chair Dunzo

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Earlier this week it came to our attention that the Chair of Columbia College Fashion Studies Department, Michael Olszewski will not be serving another term in that position. Information on whether Mr. Olszewski was relieved of his duties or relieved himself of his duties was unclear.

Mr. Olszewski started his term as chair in July of last year at a critical time when the New Department of Fashion Studies was created out of two existing programs; Fashion Retail Management and Fashion Design. The rationale behind this merging of departments was the hope to formalize the creative collaboration that has long existed between the two departments.

In a statement by Steve Kauffman, a spokesperson for Columbia College Chicago, We are informed that Mr. Olszewski will remain as a member of the Columbia College staff as a full time professor in the Fashion Studies Department.

Before his one year term at Columbia, Mr. Olszewski was professor of textile design at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia since 1977. He also was chair of the Textile Department at Moore for twelve years.
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Columbia College Fashion Department

600 S Michigan, Chicago, Il

Columbia College Fashion Department

600 S Michigan Ave, Chicago Il 60611