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Hottest Shopkeeper Round 3: Felix vs Andrew

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It looks like yesterday's round of Hot Off The Rack which pitted Marcin against Forest is apparent who's hottest - Marcin - but there's still time to vote for sleepover-worthy baby-faced Forest... if that's you're style.

In today's bout (the last round) of man on man action for Hot Off The Rack, we've got Andrew, who stole our hearts long ago and Felix, the lean and virile party boy.

You've probably seen sexy Felix at one of Akira's fast paced fashion shows stroking the crowd with a vodka tonic (extra lime) in hand. Andrew, a super-fine, super-suave 6'4" stud is a newcomer to Marc Jacobs on Rush. We can see why he got the job (wink).

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AKIRA Bucktown Footwear

1849 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622 Visit Website

Marc Jacobs

11 E Walton, Chicago Il