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Live Blogging Opening Day at Ikram

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Today is day one for the store with fashion fit for the end of time. The mega, the mono, "The Red Box" formerly known as Ikram.

12:30 AM - Riding bicycle by, the paper in the windows is down.
9:45 AM - Arrive at Ikram Store, 15 E Huron.

9:50 AM - Two men in suits are waiting outside of the side door and are let into the store. (pictured)
9:58 AM - Tweeted photo two minutes until opening.
10:14 AM - Ikram is still not open, Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, Brooke Carson arrives with her father who lives on Walton in the Gold Coast.
10:30 AM - The clouds arte getting dark and it looks like it may rain.
10:34 AM - Its starting to sprinkle so L'Appetito on the corner looks like a great place for a coffee.
10:55 AM - Ikram opens.
11:00 AM - We're in awe.
3:28 PM - Hopefully you'll enjoy our tweets - recap soon below.

12:45 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: Just got summoned to Ikram's table in the cafe
12:50 - Ikram is having lunch with Nick Cave.
12:51 PM - The juice is amaaaaaaaaaaazing!
1:00 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: The store is beautiful. Glass plates and large golden hollow baubles hanging from silver leafed archways, deep red.
1:10 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: Ikram tells us Vogue is in the building taking photos. We are not allowed to publish photos of the inside of the store until tomorrow.

1:15 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: Josh Goldman's photography work is in the gallery on the second floor. Each is a limited edition of three; costs $6,000.

1:20 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: Entering The Red Box are Ikram's signature flesh paper covered mannequins wearing Erickson Beamon neck pieces
1:22 PM - We ask Marcin about the artistic process of Erickson Beamon. -Then we tell him he's kicking ass in the Hot Off The Rack contest.
1:35 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: Omg someone is yelling by the Rodarte dresses!

1:45 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: Ikram is now having Viktor & Rolf sew red labels under their own labels inside the garments
1:50 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: The best piece on sale in The Red Box is this Thakoon dress $1890 with 40% off

2:25 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: @Eater @EaterChicago having lunch at the Ikram Cafe now.
2:26 PM - Sitting across the table from Stephanie who Ikram introduces as one of her good friends. Stephanie took our photo and used "cute". She's married but her husband is on an out-of-town motorcycle trip. (woohoo!)

2:30 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: @eaterchicago we ordered today's fresh juice: golden beet, apple, ginger and the plate with 5 salads...
2:31 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: Kale golden raisins grana padano garlic/ golden beets rainier cherries candied nuts
3:05 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: Omg Been sitting in the cafe at The Red Box for about 40 minutes now and just barely noticed the red fur patterned wallpaper.
3:10 PM - The chocolate tart was recommended by our server because the recipe is a family recipe of the sous chef.

3:15 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: Karl might just one day drink a Diet Coke here at the cafe.
3:25 PM - @RackedChicago tweet: Ikram just told us she's never felt more at home.
3:30 PM - Wishing we could show you photos right now.
3:45 PM - We're told that we may be able to publish photos sooner than we think- headed to Starbucks to do update the blog with today's Hot Off The Rack contest.
5:40 PM - Ikram grants us permission to publish our photographs of the store.
6:00 PM - The store closes its gates and locks the doors to end the first day of Ikram: phase 2; The Red Box.
· Ikram [Official Site]


15 E Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 587-1000 Visit Website

Starbucks Gold Coast

1103 N Rush Street, Chicago, IL Visit Website


15 E Huron, Chicago Il