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The North Face Nearly Finished Phase 1 of Remodel; Store Turns Bright and Cheery Almost Overnight

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The light is at the end of the tunnel for The North Face customers and The North Face experience because somehow this week, they finished work on the ground floor, closed the upstairs and moved all the merchandise downstairs. This begins the second phase of the remodel.

Earlier this week, the shop's windows turned a super chipper yellow, almost mimosa-orange and then the next day were painted an even more vibrant swatch of orange somewhere between a marigold/mango meets deep ripened cantaloupe.

The fact that the original orang-y color was immediately re-painted made us investigate a little further. As it turns out, the first shade of mimosa-orange was a design oversight and had to be painted the correct shade which we just learned is the shade of orange called "Summit Gold" which The North Face uses on their best-selling dome tents.

The signature color Summit Gold is used in styles like the VE 25, 2 Meter Dome, Mountain 35 among others which cost between $499 and $5,000. Photos of tents in Summit Gold appear in the ad campaigns and imagery around the store which play off the Summit Gold accent wall and add pings of energy to the environment.
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The North Face

875 N Michigan Ave, Chicago Il