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The First Day of The Red Box in Photos

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Yesterday was the culmination of one of the most noteworthy developments in Chicago's retail history. Ikram and Josh Goldman have completed and successfully opened the new Ikram boutique affectionately nicknamed "The Red Box".

Just after 10 AM with upwards of twenty people on staff coming off a five day moving period from her Rush Street location, Ikram gives the go-ahead to unlock the gates. Inside the shop we find women's apparel, jewelry, shoes, children's apparel, home wares, a gallery, a cafe and the opportune setting for a community to grow.

Throughout the day, there were many visitors, shoppers, and bouquets of flowers congratulating the shop on its opening. Toward the end of day as the gates were about to be shut and locked overnight, Ikram comes to us and tells us, "I feel at home here".
· Ikram [Official Site]


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