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Healing Power and Feel Good Mist at The Ruby Room

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Our own girl on the go, Shelby Steiner heads over to The Ruby Room in Wicker Park to check out the highly touted gem and essence collection.

After closing our eyes and clearing our mind, Ruby Room esthetician Bryan had us draw a card from the specially made deck of essence cards. The card then determined which one of ten essences would be sprayed in a circular motion around us to heal, cleanse, and boost energy.

At first we were skeptical, but the experience left us feeling unusually renewed. Each of the ten sprays are infused with specially chosen pure essential oils that further enhance the benefits of the flower and gem essence blend while taking you along on an energizing, inspiring, grounding, elevating or calming sensory journey. The Wicker Park salon / spa / shop offers this treatment for $60 per half-hour session which promises the ability to repair and restore any kind of energy that is out of balance to its natural state of wellness. The Ruby Room's service menu also has variety of more conventional services including hair, makeup, massages, facials and waxing.

Through the end of this month, The Ruby Room is offering a complimentary shampoo, condition and blow dry when you book a spa service or a healing service.
· Ruby Room [Official Site]

Ruby Room

1743 W Division, Chicago IL