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Mysterious Seven Spoon Characters Launches Merchandise Site on July 7th

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Imagine if the spirits of Chris Rock, Bill Maher, Carrie Bradshaw, and MTV’s Daria all merged to form a young girl born to immigrant parents in the city of Chicago. Imagine that girl growing up in today's hyper-media saturated world of "be-scared-and-spend;” a cynical and sarcastic teenager with a fashion sense that would make the likes of Rihanna and Gwen Stefani fall in line and salute. She would manifest herself as the character known as Seven Spoon.

Uptown-based Seven Spoon will launch their e-commerce site later this week and begin hosting special events to celebrate the launch. Although the details of the site are top secret thus far, we hear the Seven Spoon style, flair and animations will be popping up in "authentic spaces" online and in curious places throughout the city. The online shop in its first season is comprised of twelve editions or looks, and will be dropping once a week starting this week on Thursday.
· Seven Spoon [Official Site]