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Limited Edition Rihanna Nivea Creme Will Never be Available in Chicago - Except From Us

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Earlier this year in May, the big blue Nivea boat in Hamburg, Germany set sail with Rihanna as part of Nivea’s 100th Anniversary celebrations - we weren't there. But we were at the United Center last month with a few thousand other people to see Rihanna on her LOUD Tour. If you were friends with us on Foursquare, you'd already know that we were all up in that joint rockin' with RiRi.

You may have also noticed the big blue Nivea bus with Rihanna's face on it parked in the front of the stadium or the photo booth in the entrance promoting the 100 year anniversary of Nivea Skincare. The partnership doesn't stop there, in addition to the LOUD Tour publicity, and being the official voice of Nivea, she's also pictured on the Nivea Creme limited edition anniversary tin.

If you’re a fierce Rihanna fan, we're sad to tell you that you'll never be able to buy this Rihanna tin anywhere in the world. However, if you want this limited edition tin for free, we'll pair it with Rihanna's LOUD CD and give it to you - just comment on one of our Foursquare check-ins and tell us how much you love Rihanna or Nivea or Racked. Limited quantity available.
· Nivea [Official Site]

United Center

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