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Nick Cave's Soundsuits: Round 2 is Immense, Loud and Bright

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Textile sculptor, Nick Cave will once again turn out the gold for an exhibition of his Soundsuits - only this time in New York. This journey for Nick and his studio is titled Nick Cave Soundsuits Back to Back and opes his latest exhibition, Ever-After & For Now at Jack Shainman Gallery and Mary Boone Gallery.

This back to back exhibition will not include the famed pop-up Soundsuitshop which debuted in Chicago late last year. Rather than opening the Soundsuitshop in New York, studio manager, Cheryl Pope plans a larger, much more lust-worthy pop-up in Roanoke Virginia at The Taueman Mueseum of Art in conjunction with Nick's show, Meet Me at the Center of the Earth which opens the week following the openings of Ever-After & For Now in New York. The exhibition and the shop will be open until the end of December.

Nick's Soundsuits have garnered such attention as a massive spread in Vogue, inclusions in international exhibitions and public performances and publications.

Materials Nick uses to construct the Soundsuits in these exhibitions include wooden elements, hair, sisal, plastic buttons, feathers and sequins. The show-stopping element in the Ever-After show at Mary Boone will be multicolored pipe cleaners. As explained to Racked, the soundsuits in the Ever-After show celebrate life and add an air of innocent flamboyance in a larger-than-life scenario complete with a teeter totter. The exhibition at Jack Shainman, For Now is a more introspective look at the commonality between seven figures decorated with black and white buttons and megaphones while sharing one piece of fabric .
· Mary Boone Gallery [Official Site]
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Mary Boone Gallery

745 5th Ave, New York, NY