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New Local Web Community Mixes The Best Features of Online Marketplace Sites

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A new Chicago-based web startup launched one month ago and is already rocking the boat. It's called List Free Chicago which aims to unite local buyers and sellers through a unique and enriched marketplace experience.

This community was developed to provide a way to easily and affordably exchange your goods and services building on the concepts of the platforms that Craigslist, Ebay currently using but making them more user friendly focusing on local interests.

This site was created by two local guys Julio Gallegos and Nicholas Gazos who felt there was a need for improvement in how local online transactions currently take place. One of the biggest advantages of living in a large city is that so much is accessible to you locally. However with frustration from our own experiences we knew there had to be a better way than the current tools allow for. After extensive research, they determined that the features we wanted in an online marketplace were simply not available. Their response? Build our own site and offer features that we know will add value, save time and enable a more enjoyable user experience all for free. The result is evident as you explore the site in how easy it is to search, buy, and list your goods and services in a matter of minutes.

Some of the specific features particularly valuable to the Chicago community include longer listing periods, integrated Google Maps, integrated social media for advertising, selling stats, and a built in contact form so a perspective buyer can contact you directly from the item listing page. There's also a pretty nifty feature which allows you the ability to run a banner ad for your listing at the top of the site for $2.
· List Free Chicago [Official Site]