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Rock Star Jewelry You Should Have Worn to Lollapalooza

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There's something about distressed flaking leather paired with supple deep brown calfskin, opals and teals, stones and hammered metal and natural elements all working together to make the world beautiful. They evoke the soul of music - and we saw a lot of it this weekend at Lolla. For this exhilarating feeling of the future and the unknown, the surprise of the present we bring you jewelry designer, Debi Lynn. It's reinvented rustic-cool that comes to mind incorporating the vibe of an eternal rock star such as Steven Tyler, Stevie Nicks or Janis Joplin.

Debi started doin' what she does back in 1994, drawing inspiration from her rich Cajun and Muskogee Creek Native American heritages - a reflection of her ancestors and the spiritual traditions of her cultures which aims to provide a timeless look for modern occasions. Debi Lynn Designs incorporates an eclectic mixture of materials such as vintage leather belts that are reinvented as fashionable cuffs, antique beads paired with vibrant Mexican turquoise and reclaimed bold hardware.
· Yayachique [Official Site]

Debi Lynn

7710 E Cherry Park Dr, Houston, TX