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Built Festival Descends on Aldi Parking Lot Tomorrow

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A major new art initiative; Built Festival, is a mini city being created out of shipping containers in Bucktown. The shipping containers will be handed over to Chicago’s contemporary artists and curators to transform into alternative or ‘guerilla’ venues. The project is the brainchild of Tristan Hummel who is best known for organizing Art on Track exhibitions in the trains around the Loop. For the Built Festival, he's arranged for 12 shipping containers to be placed in front of the Aldi by the viaduct at 1767 N Milwaukee. Inside the shipping containers there will be artists doing performance, installation and video, concept furniture and designed objects of function. Artists, and craftspeople who will be selling and presenting include Spudnik Press, 7x7, House of Frog, Happy Collaborationists, T.A.R.T., and CMYKittens among others. The festival runs through Saturday and closes at 10:30 PM Tickets are available online or at the festival.
· Built Festival [Official Site]

BUILT: Festival presented by FUZE

1767 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60622

Built Festival

1767 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago Il