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Copper Socks Sound Amazing; Worn by Chilean Miners

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Santiago-based family-owned clothing manufacturer, Monarch, which is known for making socks has put their marketing ingenuity to work and created underwear and socks that are partially made of copper and act as a deodorizer. The Chilean miners trapped in the desert last year wore copper fibre socks to keep their feet healthy in extemely humid conditions. The metal is scores a near perfect 99% at preventing food ailments stemming from bacteria and fungus as well as bad odour from athlete's foot. At a recent news conference, Mario Sepulveda, one of the more high-profile miners endorsed the underwear which has given the company an incredible foothold and has patented the technology. The product range is supposed to get even bigger this fall introducing male underwear, t-shirts and a beach towel.
· Trapped miner endorses copper fibre socks [Just Style]