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Drink Deck About to Launch Drink Deck for Droid

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So you’ve seen your friends use Drink Deck on their iPhone (because it seriously is a great phone) and you’re raging with jealously. “Why don’t they make a Droid app”, you say to yourself. Well You're in luck because the Droid Drink Deck App launches on the 18th. Here's your chance to spend it where you mean it.

After a small fundraising effort Drink Deck Chicago set up a concept to prepay for the app development and promise Droid users a solution within 60 days. The app for Droid is special because you can go to the checkout page in the app and have the option to only buy one card instead of the entire deck which you can't do on the iPhone (at least yet). The full Drink Deck App is $25 that has 52 gift cards that never expire and free updates when we reprint the physical deck.
· Drink Deck [Official Site]

Drink Deck HQ

1319 W Early Ave, Chicago IL