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Autrepart Launches New Site; Offering Freebies!

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If you've never been into or heard of small and super cuddly and down-to earth Autrepart you should go to visit for a few reasons- #1) they've got the best shop dog ever. #2) you really should feel and smell the soaps, lotions, scrubs, oils and perfumes and that isn't going to happen if you don't go in the shop. (but there really is no other reason to go to the 20-2100 blocks of Halsted) (and some people are allergic to cute dogs). So this is why Autrepart just launched a new website! You can now place orders for most all of the products right from the site. Any online purchase now through the end of August will come with a free Caudalie gift as well as a free Soap of Marseille. This includes some of your favorite scents? Donkey Milk, Clay, Grape Seeds, Verbena?. The brick & mortar and online Autrepart stores sell all-French made beauty products most of which are nationally exclusive to the sole location of Autrepart.
· Autrepart [Official Site]


2052 N Halstead, Chicago Il