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Nordstrom's Treasure & Bond Might Eventually Come to Chicago?

Photo: Racked NY
Photo: Racked NY

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Maybe you've heard about Nordstrom's new charity concept Treasure & Bond in New York; well it sounds amaaazzzing. From what we heard through the grapevine [WWD], it might be on the books to open a Chicago location. Here's what Pete Nordstrom, president of merchandising had to say in the interview:

Treasure & Bond “will end up finding its own identity,” Nordstrom said, adding, “We talked about [possibly opening more units] but that’s really jumping the gun. It would be great if we could end up having one in Chicago, San Francisco or Seattle, I guess. But doing business in Manhattan is so unique.”

The concept gives 100 percent of profits after expenses to charities which include programs at libraries, coalitions for the homeless, and after-school services for children. Next year the community will have the option to vote or suggest charities where revenue will be distributed. Nordstrom Opening Store For Charity in SoHo [WWD]