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Get Ready for Cocktails & Tacos at the Big Star Garage Sale Sunday

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Apparently Paul Kahn wants you to get thirsty for Sunday. When we saw this tweet from his Twitter feed we were sooo intrigued what could they sell at this garage sale? well we called 'em and we've got answers for you. In liquidation style the cast and crew from Avec, Blackbird, Publican, Violet Hour, Big Star and the Office are cleaning out stock rooms, basements, gangways, kitchen cupboards for the sale. From 12 noon to 4 PM in Big Star's patio you can dig through plates, glassware, silverware, fine linens, bakery molds, sheet pans, silpats, ramekins, cups saucers, teapots, ashtrays, plant stands, creamers, coffee machines, fax machines, adding machines, mixing machines tables, table bases, and more glassware than you've ever seen in your life. Prices are super low and accessible because 1) they just want to get rid of all of the old stuff and 2) all proceeds are going to The Garfield Park Conservatory to help fix damage caused to greenhouse by the epic hail storm of '11. [Racked Wire]

Big Star

1531 N Damen, Chicago Il