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Houston Fair Trade Standards to Follow Chicago & Milwaukee's Lead

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A growing grassroots movement is pushing the Houston city council to become the first Fair Trade city in Texas and because Chi-town has been through it already they are asking for our help to make it happen.

The campaign, launched by Houstonian Kendra Penry, calls on the city to follow in the footsteps of Milwaukee and Chicago and purchase Fair Trade certified goods when available, ensure ongoing education, and commitment to Fair Trade, and encourage the community to use, sell or provide Fair Trade products whenever possible.

Kendra Penry, Director of Programs at Houston Rescue and Restore Coalition hopes to work with the city council in Houston to agree and implement new fair trade standards. Other city councils that have recently made the commitment to Fair Trade include Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee, and Norman, Oklahoma. There is also an ongoing Fair Trade campaign in Austin. Kendra and her friends at hope that everyone (no matter what city you're in) will sign the petition to help Houston city council make the ethical decision.
· Houston Rescue and Restore Coalition [Official Site]

Houston City Hall

901 Bagby, Houston TX