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Craftsman Studio Presents a Reality Web TV Show Called "Screw*d"

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The Craftsman studio in River North recently held casting calls in major cities across the U.S. and accepted online video applications for one numb and unlucky host. They finally found the man who need to be taught everything about tools and fixin' stuff and he's just begun his second whirlwind week of DIY bootcamp at The Craftsman Experience. For the next three months our unhandy hero, Alan Weischedel, has to endure intensive tool instruction sessions, and submit to learning random builds, gross around the house repairs, and other DIY home improvement stuff.

Each month's learnings hopefully add up to prepare him for the end of the month mystery drop. Alan will be dropped in remote locations where he will have to use his robust skills to get himself out of there and out of sticky situations. Yikes! Craftsman tells us he's signed all the necessary releases.

Alan is a dorky, glasses-wearing comedian of sorts. His story is endearing. His father died and left unfinished home improvement projects that he hopes to complete once he's completed the show (with flying colors). He's also really funny, especially when he's candid.

Every night at 9PM he broadcasts live from his laptop to talk about what he's been up to that day and what projects Craftsman having him work on. Every Sunday from 2:30PM to 3:00PM there's a live show that includes all the juicy footage recaps of his tough week. We also talk to him live on the show and have him complete a surprise short build challenge. You can watch the show as well as his 9PM nightly live chats at and you can follow him on Twitter (Screwd_Alan) for constant project updates.
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