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Victoria's Secret Model Launches VSX in a Glass Box on the 103rd Floor

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Yesterday morning, Victoria's Secret Model Erin Heatherton met a few of Chicago's top personal fitness trainers, awe-struck sightseers (and a blogger) at the tippy top of the Willis Tower to celebrate the launch the new Victoria's Secret sportswear line VSX. Here, Erin pranced around drinking freshly squeezed juices and posing wearing VSX inside the glass box on the west side of the tower.

The sexy sport line is comprised of Victoria's Secret trademarked Supermodel bras and bottoms in pant and capri styles, the VS Knockout bra and bottoms in tight and crop styles, the VS Runway bra and VS Runway pant, and the Incredible and Angel bras. The colors this season are a hot pink and a kelly green. Before Erin got all pose-y in the glass box high above the city, we got a chance to ask her a few questions about the collection.

Racked: You've always got your iPod with you on location, at events, and working out. Who are you listing to right now?

Walking us to the other side of the building, gets out her iPod from her makeup case and places the earbuds in our ears and starts explaining her playlists as we listen to each artist.

Erin: Beirut. I like them, but what's playing now is Midlake - they're amazing, also I've been listening to this song lately, its from Armand Margjeka. Motopony is the shit. Cocorosie, Talking Heads.

Racked: You've got great taste, would you ever consider becoming a DJ?

Erin: Yes, definitely. I live on Soundcloud. My favorite is Plastic Plates. They play all my favorite remixes - especially the Adele one. That remix is basically what we shot our holiday commercial to when we were filming in Prague.

Racked: Who are you wearing right now?

Erin: I'm wearing Victoria's Secret VSX collection. This is our new sport collection that we just re-launched. I know work out clothes, I've shopped for them, I know whats good and what's not good and Victoria's Secret is synonymous with what looks good on women and what feels good on women. So the fact that they came out with a really high end sportswear line is really amazing because if you work out all the time (like I do) you're wearing it a lot. You want it to look good, you want it to feel good and you want it to breathe and it's... it's like lemon butter.

Racked: Looking through the collection I noticed the blend of fabrics the line is composed of- I think this is called Body-Wick Technology. I bet having this technology helps cut down on sweat stains.

Erin: Yes, that's the truth- I wouldn't deny it.

Racked: But you're not working out now - you're wearing jewelry. Who is it?

Erin: Yup, I'm wearing all my own jewelry [lists off names] Fin, Cartier, something I designed, something from my grandma, a bangle I got in India, and my necklace I bought from a stylist on one of the last VS shoots.

Racked: Where are you off to after this?

Erin: Im going back to LA to visit a friend and have a vacation with my dog.

Racked: Oh my god, Eddie! Is he here right now?

Erin: No, he went out to eat this morning and he's so tired so he passed out in the hotel.
· Victoria's Secret VSX Sexy Sport [Official Site]