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Groupon Offers a Chance to Name a Baby Giraffe in Atlanta

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River North-based Groupon has just partnered up with Zoo Atlanta for a reduced admission fee into the zoo to visit this baby giraffe. When you purchase a $10 Groupon for admission, you'll automatically be entered in the lottery to win the honor of naming the baby giraffe.

So we just bought a Groupon for the deal, and we're thinking about a few things the winner should take into consideration when choosing the title. For instance, the names of the parents are Mona and Abu and the birthday was July 22 which would make the most sense if look at in terms of the zodiac. Her sign is Cancer (the crab) which means the baby calf will be cautions, sympathetic, intuitive and emotional even though she was born on the cusp of Leo.

Keisha Hines, director of communications at Zoo Atlanta, said the zoo was looking for an innovative way to provide an experience for visitors while also saving them money. So the Groupon is on right now through August 10 at which time the process of randomly choosing a winner will commence. The grand prize winner will name the baby - subject to final approval by Zoo Atlanta, so you can't pull a Frank Zappa and name it Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen (now goes by Diva Zappa). If you win, you along with four runners up will also receive a behind the scenes VIP animal encounter at the zoo.

Taking all this into account, we'll probably name it Racked Chicago or if that's deemed too crazy by the zoo we'll go with the Arabic girl's name that means "unripened dates; star and height" - Busr.
· Groupon [Official Site]
· Zoo Atlanta [Official Site]

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