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There's a Giant Snake in the Water Tower Lego Store

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The newest Lego Store is now open on level two of the Water Tower and it is jam packed with really enthusiastic youngsters and grown-ups with money. The store which only took six weeks to flesh out features wall-to-wall product amidst three key design components. The iconic “Pick-a-Brick Wall” where you can pick specific single or bulk colors, shapes, or special bricks, The “Living Room”, an interactive play area for visual and auditory learners rather than kinesthetic. Finally, a "Brand Ribbon” runs around the walls of the store, featuring Lego model displays like the giant snake, company history and fun facts.

The store has full range of Lego products and branded merchandise including all-new Ninjago, Creator, City, Hero Factory, Harry Potter, Duplo and Star Wars. The only things not for sale in the store are the enormous sculptures like Buckingham Fountain, The John Hancock, Trump Tower, Water Tower, the corn cob towers, and the Tribune Tower... oh yeah, and the giant snake that comes in and out of the ceiling around the store. He's probably the largest Lego sculpture we've ever seen (well, maybe the giraffe at the Sony Center in Berlin) and we've always wondered how they're built and about the Master Builders that build them.

Well, as one of our play buddies at the store tells us the snake's name is "Brickly" and at the store's grand opening party Lego is flying in a few Master Builders to build another Brickly!

The grand opening is scheduled for August 26th through August 28th and guests can watch, interact and maybe even help build the next ginormous Brickly. At the opening, the first 300 customers will be getting a mini build-it-yourself Brickly.
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