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Beauty Talk: Get the DIRT & A Deal

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A luxurious new body scrub collection that leaves all others in the dust is, well...DIRT. What was onced stirred up in the kitchen, is now mass produced and sold in retailers and spas. Two Chicago entrepreneurs, Lisa Hopkins Newell and Audria Green, developed five scrubs - The gritty collection of five Dirt scrubs --salt, sugar, pumice, corn and luxe salt that are all blended with essential oils, antioxidants and aromatherapy scents. Unlike many scrubs that only remove dry skin, Dirt has the duality of exfoliation and hydration, thus eliminating the need to layer on lotions and creams after usage.

There are no parabens, minerial oils, or artifical colors. Mixed into each formula are skin quenching exfoliants such as raspberry seeds, kiwi seeds and aproicot seeds. A best seller for summer is the Purify+Glow salt scrub. With an aroma of cucumber, pear, fig, it's blended with an array of natural ingredients including shea butter, avocado oil and grapeseed oil. Dirt is sold locally at Urban Oasis Spa, Exhale Spa, Jonathan Breitung Luxury Spa, Urban Mischief and Entourage Spa. Now you can rack up 10% off by purchasing this summer must-have online. Enter the code RACKED at checkout. Oh yeah, AND free shipping too. - Shelby Steiner
· Dirt Beaute [Official Site]