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Pilsen Vintage Stores Throw Down The Disco This Friday... Again

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This coming Friday, the Pilsen vintage clothing enclave comprised of stores like Comet Vintage, Knee Deep and Pilsen Vintage and Preservation Society are having their monthly sale. Comet Vintage is featuring Eric Johnson who is a "builder of things". Specifically, furniture and lamps. As described to us he is part of the Hot n Ready Moped Gang, so he fixes bikes and has been making lamps out of them (see photo). The photography of Alexis Viscuis is also making it's debut in the space which was chosen because of its complex relationship with the color sea foam green. Down the street, Knee Deep Vintage is presenting Daniel Garcia and having a massive sale. And last but not least we've got to have a special shout out to Preservation Society which is offering 50% off everything in preparation to close for good and move to New Orleans. [Racked Inbox]

Comet Vintage

1320 W 18th Street, Chicago, IL 60608

Comet Vintage

1320 W 18th Street, Chicago Il