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The Renegade Craft Fair Survival Guide; A List of Favorite Artists

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It's that weekend again where thousands upon thousands of crafty bitches descend upon Division Street in Wicker Park to show Etsy who's the boss at gettin' busy with your hands; The Renegade Craft Fair.

This year the fair is bigger, more diverse (due to a brand new table splitting option) and more of an attraction for visitors as well as neighborhoodies. For these reasons, we've decided it would be a great idea to craft a survival guide for you. Just a few tips from seasoned pros in the industry.

- Look your best. Part of the great fun of Renegade is the people (and dog) watching. You want to look cute.
- Scope out your favorites before the fair. Renagade Craft Fair Chicago is the largest of all of its nationwide fairs - more than 300 artists! Check out their artist page and pick some must-sees before the enormity of the fair overwhelms you and you just get blotto at the Goose Island tent.
- Stay hydrated. Seriously. No one wants to get craft fair brain death.
Make a budget and stick to it. Also, don't blow your whole wad at the first couple of booths you visit. Pace yourself fiscally.
- Support fair trade locally. We all like to be smart shoppers, but don't assume vendors haggle. The world wouldn't be as colorful if they weren't here so support them emotionally, socially, and with your dollars.

And if you're still in need of a few pointers and are particularly interested in the artists, we've got a list of a few of our favorite artists:

- COATT (Morse Code necklaces? Genius!)
- Cursive Design (also the artist behind the current Renegade Handmade window)
- boyfren/girlfren (crazy cute clothes + bags)
- Little Things Studio (colorful & graphic prints from the nicest southern belle you'll ever meet)
- Little Treasures (weird and lovely paper art)
- Mimi Kirchner (highly detailed plush dolls. sounds grandma-y, but her pieces are true - fine craft. she's the real deal.)
- Shapes & Colors (beautiful pillows, we'll take one in each color, please)
- Stukenborg Press (this artist makes prints from dominoes, to beautiful, mesmerizing effect)
- Twig Terrariums (yes, terrariums are wildly popular right now, but these are extra beautiful and clever)
· Renegade [Official Site]

Renegade Craft Fair

1924 W Division, Chicago, IL