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Exclusive Interview: Selena Gomez on Her Clothing Line & Developing a Fragrance

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Recently we sat down with Justin Bieber's girlfriend, young pop superstar, Selena Gomez to see what she's up to. From her clothing line Dream Out Loud sold exclusively at K-Mart, to the process of developing a fragrance to be launched next year, Selena lets us in on the juicy tidbits. Going into the conversation, we thought we'd be dealing with, well, a teenage pop superstar, and although she does fit that title, her persona was warm, soft spoken and down to earth with a spirit for change. After this interview it made sense why millions of fans beliebe she's the perfect face for the future.

Racked Chicago: We hear you're developing your first fragrance. It's supposed to come out next year?

Selena Gomez: Yeah we've been working on it for maybe a couple of months now. We partnered up with someone and we're creating the scent right now- testing and smelling and doing the fun part right now.

Racked: What are you going for?

Selena: I want something that's very romantic. I want something that is very sweet but at the same time very mature.

Racked: You've got your clothing line [Dream Out Loud] at K Mart. It's in the second season and doing very well. You're still working with Tony Melillo and Sandra Campos out of New York for development, right?

Selena: Yes.

Racked: You're the creative visionary behind the line, and one of the driving points for it is how socially conscious the product is. You're coming up with concept, Tony and Sandra are designing and figuring out logistics and coming back to you with the product for revisions. Do you feel like it's easy to work with them in terms of being sustainable and using organic fabrics?

Selena: Yeah, definitely. I met with a bunch of different people and they were the ones I automatically clicked with because of that. So they are very easy to talk to and they do understand what the clothing line represents.

Racked: Do you think that the K-Mart clientele responds to having this sustainability as the driving concept behind the line?

Selena: Yes, I think they respond really well to it which has been great. Even people who have no idea who I am I hope can appreciate the line because that is all I really want.

Racked: The first season, everything was made in the United States. Are you now sourcing from other parts of the world or is the line still made in the U.S.?

Selena: No, I think everything is still the same.

Racked: So what are you working on for next season?

Selena: We've got a lot of cute jumpers, a lot of floral dresses and we're also launching the line in Australia.
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