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Frei Moves Into Post 27; Throws a Spicy Autumnal Performance Fashion Presentation

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It was all very autumnal and harvest-y; a unique way of showing off a collection as it interacted in a domestic space. Annie Novotny's studio warming event for Frei at Post 27 on west Grand last week. This was a fall debut of the collection, a shopping event, and a little performance thrown in.

Six models of dance and performance background were wearing Frei's newest collection. There were four stations set up around the store: The first two stations had two models folding paper stars and a model building a mandala out of grains, seeds, and dried spices. The third and fourth stations were a "decorating" station where two models covered the paper stars in wheat paste and sifted dried turmeric, cinnamin, and cumin and spices onto the pasted stars and lastly and then a model hung the decorated stars to dry by clothespins on strings.
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