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The Evanston Art Center and Gillion Carrara Present Dimensional Lines

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The Evanston Art Center has asked a group of Chicago-based artists and designers who are at the forefront of their disciplines to collaborate on an exhibition exploring the relationship between art and fashion. This exhibition, titled Dimensional Lines will explore this cultural phenomenon in the context of Chicago’s own vibrant contemporary art and fashion scenes.

Curator, Gillion Carrara, has enlisted an internationally recognized group of artists and designers, including Fraser Taylor, Conrad Hamather, Melissa Serpico Kamhout, Beata Kania, Anke Loh, Kristin Mariani, Katrin Schnabl, and Kristina Sparks. Each comes to the project with an established portfolio and diverse experiences.

Gillion opens Dimensional Lines: art + dress on September 11 and runs through November 6. Special workshops, lectures, and public programs are scheduled in conjunction with this exhibition that will further engage and educate the the community.
· Evanston Art Center [Official Site]

Evanston Art Center

2603 Sheridan Rd, Evanston, IL