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First Look: The Merchandise in Y-3 on Oak Street

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That's right folks, actual photos of some of the merchandise inside the Y-3 store on Oak Street. The impressive part to this whole thing isn't that we got photos of the merchandise - it's how quickly the whole building-a-store-thing came together.

It had been mere weeks since Y-3 announced their presence on the street and already there is clothing on the racks (sort of) the clothing was out of the boxes and hanging but not yet on the racks. The clear frosted plexi pedestals and white light boxes line the walls store and illuminate the space while the walls get one more coat of white paint. The carpet was supposed to be brought in late this week but as we last checked still no carpet and the New York-based construction team was showing us the bare wood floors with electrical channel laid into them. Flat screens behind the cash wrap will show current season runway looks as will the clear frosted mannequins soon to be placed in the window.
Here are some photos of the clothing we found:

· Y-3 [Official Site]