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Maria Pinto's Latest Project is Irreverent and Neon with Sequins, Glitter, and Fur

The lobby of the Harris Theater
The lobby of the Harris Theater

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Contemporary dance group, The Seldoms' collaboration with Maria Pinto celebrates the 10th anniversary of the group. Throughout the years, this Chicago-based dance group has preformed site specific works a drained Olympic-size swimming pool, a 70,000 sq foot warehouse, inside Architectural Artifacts and more bizarre places.

This time it's inside the Harris Theater several levels beneath Millennium Park. But they're not using the theater as a theater - they're just using it as a space. So the audience follows 12 dancers around the theater with 12 musicians. They dance inside the house, then go backstage, then the freight elevator, the fly space in the theater, the elephant door and see aparatis of the theater. This is a re-definition of performace space.

Choreographer Carrie Hanson tells us at the onset of the collaboration, Maria had asked the group when, where, who is this performance? Through discussion they finally decided the performance isn't past or future or even present but rather "hyper present".

"Maria's coming aboard as a true collaborator," Carrie says, "with boldness, confidence and extroverted". Taking irreverent cues from the performance and the characters as individuals, Maria's designs "feel rather raucus and alive".

All dancers and musicians are wearing different things taking cues from the personality of the dancer rather than the role in the performance. For instance, a character has a tattoo on his shoulder and Maria makes a cut-out in the blazer he's wearing so it's visible.

The costumes are described as distnct - bending gender and employ accessories with couture aspects. The clothing isn't Maria's usual; this project uses sequins, lots of sparkle, fur, and glitter. It's funky with neon orange elements and hot pinks as are used in the lobby of the Harris Theater. The collaboration juxtaposes things you wouldnt necessarily pair with one another - there's nothing romantic about these costumes.
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The Harris Theater

205 E Randolph, Chicago Il