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Wright's Heller House Hits Market; Rents Falling!

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And now the latest from Curbed Chicago, covering everything you need to know about the city's neighborhoods and real estate...


HYDE PARK— Pending full realtor treatment, news of the listing of Frank Lloyd Wright's Heller House is left to the classifieds. It's the special duty of us bloggers to correct such injustices. Here then, in the full light of day, is the early Wright masterpiece, on the market for $2.5M.

WEST LOOP— The great wandering eye of Curbed lands on the West Loop, where it proceeds to suss out current loft availability. Included are a huge penthouse loft and another less huge but comfy number with rooftop build-out potential.

FULTON MARKET— The barometer dropped this week on news that lux hotel Soho House is specifically targeting a Green Street warehouse just off of restaurant row for its newest expansion. Expect Soho to drop its crazy budget on the finest boutique rooms and amenities. The purchase is not finalized and there's no word on when it'll all come together, but we like the idea.

EVERYWHERE— Q4 rent numbers are in, and Rentjuice parses the data for us. The general finding is that city rents declined 4% on average over Q3, but there's tons of neighborhood variation. Is new apartment supply beginning to factor in?