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Obaz Redesigns Site, Pulling Fresh Flash Sale Ideas

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Back in October, we introduced Obaz to you - the Social Haggling site designed by the Groupon founders. It was one of the first sites to employ the Social Haggling concept (which is really just crowd sourcing with gaming mechanics) and allow potential customers a platform to suggest items they want to see available for sale on the site.

Since we last left you with the taste of sweet, sweet Obaz in your mouth, they've redesigned their site and made it a little more friendly for real people with real feelings. Instead of their initial strategy of offering Sony TVs, Nike Shoes, and common larger brands, it seems as if they've taken cues from trendier flash sale sites like, Totsy for the kiddos and Laundry Magazine's Dotshop.

Obaz now offers younger, trendier products for urbanites and people who appreciate design. The new design is split into boutique brands, independent designerss and niche products. Right now on Obaz for example, you can buy Pantone folding chairs, Whiskey Stones, mustache wall decals and industrial lighting fixtures.
· Obaz [Official Site]