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Mel Wears Red-Hot Pants to a Job Interview

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Meet Melissa Malka, shopaholic, dating coach, and in search of a new job. Join her as she dresses up some red-hot pants, not hot-pants for an extra sassy lasting impression.

I had a job interview today and well, there’s no better way to leave a lasting impression then with some red-hot pants, not to be confused with hot-pants that are red, ick.. Although the new slew of colors are already hitting stores for spring (think corals, teals, and mustard yellow from what I’m seeing) red is and will always be “the other neutral” and you can find some great pieces on sale at Zara. Sophisticate them up with ladylike lace but keep it sassy with a men’s inspired tuxedo blazer from H&M and over the knee riding boots. For a similar jacket check out this one by Frenchi at Nordstrom. The Michael Kors riding boots are available on Endless on sale! And, before you think I've given up my too cool for school devil may care look, I'll admit that I didn't actually brush my hair today! We can't win them all...