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Craigslist Find of The Year: A Toilet Chair Art Piece

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Every now and then people (via the Racked tipline) forward us "must-see" items for sale that are truly "must-see". The one we bring to your attention today is a one of kind sculpture/chair and conversation piece on Craigslist called "Wesminster" by Artist, Matt Fiely.

This tongue in cheek(s) play on Marcel Duchamps dadaistic "Fountain" and Kosuth's "One and Three Chairs". Was created by an Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University who is now in a graduate program at Harvard schooling himself on architecture.

The toilet chair was conceived while Matt was studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. While there, he was struck by a statement made by one of my teachers that said, which spurred him to explore the line between the Design and Art of chairs.

Mocking the British uppercrust, Matt didn't stop there - he also made a chair entitled "DNA", which was made from cow hide and 3,576 pieces of chewed gum. Unfortunately, this chair is not for sale because the underlying wood developed acute periodontal disease and, after a series of unsuccessful root canals, had to be "put down".
&3183; Westminster Toilet Chair Art Sculpture - $950 (Highland Park) [Craigslist]