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David Jones of Dishes on Why Buying Gift Cards In Stores is Risky Business

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Now that the holidays are two months over, you've still probs not used all your gift cards. Well we've got a few tid bits from David Jones, CEO of Texas-based GiftCardLab on why buying gift cards in a store is becoming an increasingly risky proposition.

Thieves have learned that they can walk into a store, write down gift card numbers and create a fraudulent clone of the card. Thieves then continually try to check for a balance on the card, informing them that the card has been purchased and activated.

Once this occurs, the thieves immediately use the fraudulent card, drawing the balance on the original card down to zero. When the legitimate cardholder tries to use the card, it is declined and shows a zero balance.

In many cases, the buyer of the card never finds out about the issue because they have gifted the card to someone who is embarrassed to bring the subject up.

Buying gift cards online, which are then created on-demand, personalized, and shipped directly to the buyer or recipient, eliminates the issue and ensures the recipient receives the gift that was intended.
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