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Mel Tests the Limits With Lace and Granny Panties

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Meet Melissa Malka, shopaholic, dating coach, and lover of awkward juxtapositions. Join her as she, inspired by a recent outing at The House of Blues tests the limits of the winter dress code.

Photo by Mark

Some friends invited me for drinks at The House of Blues and instantly I thought lace, definitely and right after that I thought granny panties and well, I made it happen. The studded Jeffrey Campbells came last. It's actually less inappropriate than it sounds, you see the dress is sheer and rather than attempting normalcy and wearing a slip, I rock my sheers with American Apparel's granny panty and an H&M corset/bustier/bra thing. The bra's hotness makes up for the blatant mood-killing powers of the panties. Its absolutely crucial to have that balance. What I'd recommend for the winter is adding tights to the mix — it was freezing. - Melissa Malka
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