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Wendy Williams' Shoe Line Debuts on Wednesday; Includes Pointy-Toed Flats With Toe Cleavage

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Last week in her After Show, Wendy Williams spilled the beans that she's launching her own footwear line, Adorn in New York on February 1. No photos have been released yet but she did say there would be pointy toed flats with toe cleavage. Styles also use crystals, pony skin, bright pink pony skin, cheetah and of course black in sizes up to 12. She's been keeping mum about the jewelry (and clothing) (That's right, we know) but we have a feeling things will slowly come to light in the next few months. Why? The Wendy Williams Show just got the green light for two more seasons until 2014 and we anticipate the network using the show to promote a staggered launch of a full collection - including clothing.

Last year, in a lower profile radio interview with Q Deezy of HOT107.9 in Philadelphia, Wendy speaks about creating "adornments" and says something to the effect of starting with the smaller things. Then she said she's going on to shoes, handbags and hopefully a wig line that will be available in 2012.
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