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Customer Indirectly Blames AT&T for Low Job Rate

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And then our inbox started to throw up. Not really, it was just another letter of critique via the Racked tipline from our favorite Whole Foods Customer, Mr. Gould. This time he's upset about... well, everything that AT&T does.

Dear American Telephone and Telegraph Company:

Your name is stupid and out of date. Change it to something catchier and fresh, like Cingular or something. I don't know just throwing things out there. Take it or leave it. But really, that's not what I want to talk to you about.

Maybe you haven't notice, but the world has kind of been ending since about September of 2008 and like people are dying on the streets and the sky is falling and stuff. Well, okay, maybe it's just that a lot of people are just unemployed, but whatever. I'm sure deaths on the street are up too (I don't look into this stuff; I just assume and then write it on the internet and if it's on the internet it's true).

Anyway, speaking of Internet, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. So, tomorrow I'm moving five blocks North and it occurred to me that it would be to my advantage to have my Internet service moved from my old apartment to my new apartment. So, like any regular Joe just trying to make in this coo coo mixed up world, I called 877.722.3755 and spoke to your automated gentleman about moving my service. Well, three phone calls, three customer service representatives and two hours later I have an installation date! Monday, February 27, 2012! One month without the Internet... NO BIG DEAL.

Okay AT&T, I'm through being Mr. Nice Guy. The America is in desperate need of jobs and I'm in desperate need of porn and cat memes and stuff. So, maybe you should hire some people, okay? So why not hire some more technicians? It's good for the economy and it just may save a life or two.

Brett Gould

Sent from my rotary telephone. This took a really long time to write...

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