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Andrea Woroch Schools us on the Rise and Fall of Prices of Goods in 2012

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Meet Andrea Woroch. She's a consumer analyst for Kinoli, the company that owns Coupon Sherpa, Gift Card Granny, Mr. Free Stuff and Mrs. Sweepstakes. As a nationally recognized media source, Andrea has been schooling the nation's public on retail intelligence since the dawn of man. Here, she tells the spending public what products will be the most visible in the rise and fall of prices.


Orange Juice
The FDA discovered "low levels" of a fungicide in the 2011 orange crop imported from Brazil, the world's largest produce of oranges.

More people want to fly, but the airlines have trimmed their sales and are putting fewer planes in the air. Expect an increase between 3 percent and 10 percent worldwide.

Parking Rates and Tickets
Cash-strapped cities will try to boost their budgets by increasing city-imposed fees.

Did you enjoy that recent small reprieve from high gas prices? Well don't get used to it; the U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts regular gas will average $3.45 this year.

Rising energy costs, poor weather conditions, commodity prices and the lousy value of the U.S. dollar mean food is expected to increase 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent from 2011, according to the Consumer Price Index.

Mobile Data Plans
Kiss that unlimited data plan goodbye. Carriers are building up LTE and 4G services, which means your rates will rise.

Desktop Computers
You want a touchscreen? Then you're going to have to pay a lot more for that luxury. The shortage of hard-drive materials, thanks to flooding in Thailand, is also a factor. Expect a boost of about 30 percent.

First-class Postage
Hopefully you stocked up on Forever Stamps before Jan. 22. The U.S. Post Service upped it's first-class postage prices last weekend to the tune of a one-penny increase for regular mail; a three-cent increase on postcards and a five- to seven-cent increase for international letters.


Natural Gas
According to CNN Money, homeowners can heat their homes this winter without breaking the bank. Natural gas prices are the lowest they've been in years and, thanks to increased production and less demand, should fall even further.

Apple iPad 2
The release of the iPad3 will bring down the price of this much-lusted-after tablet.

Retail Shipping
The $1.07 billion in retail business occasioned by Free Shipping Day 2011 and the continued success of sister site indicate this trend should stick around for some time to come.

Car Rentals
Agencies are experiencing an excess of stock and more competition, which means lower car-rental rates throughout the year.

E-book Readers
Succeeding generations and competitors for Amazon's Kindle have steadily reduced prices, sometimes by up to 60 percent.

We'll see a influx of new 3D TVs in 2012, which means big discounts on last year's models.

GPS Units
Today's smart phones can do nearly everything these days except cook your breakfast. As a result, they're sending many competitors down the tubes, including stand-alone
GPS units.

Wine Advocate publisher Robert Parker told Reuters the world is entering the "Age of the Buyer," during which we'll see stable or declining wine prices.
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