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Walgreens is The Future of Drugstores, Trust Us

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A few days ago we obtained photos of the inside of the new Walgreens at State and Randolph. However we agreed not to let the cat outa the bag until party time so to satisfy your thirst for the future, we're giving you this photo of the Walgreens of the past (circa 1926). This is the very same lot on which the Joffrey Tower is built on now where the new massive Walgreens will open on Tuesday.

The new store will boast what “flagship” format and features and will essentially bring together ALL the strategies we’ve seen from Walgreens over the last couple of years. The 27,350 sq. ft. store is a unique urban shopping and healthcare experience that sets the Chicagoland-based company apart in the industry and further positions Walgreens as a destination for a broad range of health and daily living needs.

Then we obtained a list of features (not the format) of this mega flagship / mothership and it looks and sounds and will be even more intense than we originally thought. Take it from the pros - it's #crazytime.
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