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Whole Foods Customer is Upset About 2 Bite Scones

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Via the Racked Tipline, we just got our hands on this juicy little letter that was sent to the Whole Foods in Downtown Evanston about the size of their two-bite scones. Whether this is a real issue or not - we feel like there are a few valid points Mr. Gould brings to the table...

Dear Whole Foods,
I just had your "two bite" gingerbread scones and let me just tell you they were NOT two bites, okay? I had to take three bites to completely consume the scone. Now, I'm not basing this off of a single scone, I understand that sizes can vary and that perhaps the scone I first consumed was some kind of freakishly large scone, no, I had two scones and each were three bites exactly. Now, your claim that this snack cakeish confection is a mere two bites is is deceiving at best and disingenuous at worst.
Now, I would consider myself a loyal Whole Foods customer, I worked for Whole Foods in Chicago for approximately six weeks and purchase my mid-afternoon snack there nearly every weekday, but this is just deplorable! To think that a company that so prides itself on good old fashioned honest food would pull the wool over its customer's eyes like this! Just awful. I want you to just think about that for a minute. Just think about how many people stumbled across these scones nestled amongst the produce section for some reason and thought, "Wow! Two bite scones! This changes everything!" Then when they brought the scones home to their sick child who can only muster the strength for two bites, dissappointment and dispair. And it's all because you can't properly label your products. Heartbreaking. Just so heartbreaking.

Please consider changing the name of this product to "three bite gingerbread scones".

Brett Gould

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