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Now for the Guys, Chicago's Best Menswear Store

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Menswear in Chicago is no longer as conservative as it once was-there are oodles of boutiques where where men can find new and adventuresome styles, classically tailored pieces and luxury brands for men in several areas across the grid. We've selected a few who stole our attention over the past year and placed them in the category for Best Menswear Store.

The nominees for Best Menswear Store begin with longstanding George Greene for being Oak Street's most masculine anchor for many years. Its our belief that this store attracted such tenants that have made Oak what it is today including Shrine and Independence and forthcoming George Zaharoff. Next door to George Greene we have Jack Spade who we nominate for their attentive associates and collaborations. Around the corner we have the new Dutch import, Suitsupply with their rooftop oasis and mover and shaker Haberdash who recently opened EDC among other notable achievements. Rounding out the list we're nominating Sir & Madame for expanding their private label and putting Ukrainian Village shopping on the map.

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